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    i’m 27 year old, as a kid i used to be very talkative and fun loving person, but since recent years i just dont like to speak to anyone, i like to be left alone, I used to live with my friends after moved alone, i like spend my weekends alone, i avoid picking calls from friends. If forcibly ptaken out for party i feel irritated. Everyone in office and my family say i talk very less, i spend time watching movies. i avoid attending any gathering, disinterested in anything, hate most people around me. i just want to come out of this.



    It is not only you having this problem brother many boys are in same situation, don’t feel that you are alone try to spend time with ur friends and family. Being alone is better than feeling alone , having one life mix with people and talk freely about ur work, family, future planning or about any problem you have then you will realise there are many problems in others life which u never hard about it so be happy and be in touch with us if u have any question then u can ask us…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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