Need Answers For School: Psychopaths and how their minds work

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    Brianna R.

    Good day! My name is Allana and I am here with my group mate Brianna. We are both 14 years old and in grade 9, and we were wondering if you could answer some of our questions for school. We are required to consult with a psychiatrist, but we do not have money to consult with any face to face. Our topic is psychopathy and how psychopaths are developed. The questions are as follows:

    1. How do you diagnose someone as a psychopath?

    2. What kind of therapy is needed to aid the brain condition of a psychopath?

    3. Is psychopathy a genetic condition?

    4. Are sociopaths and psychopaths developed the same way?

    5. What kind of environment is the most likely to form psychopaths?

    6. Are psychopaths more self-sufficient compared to an average person?

    7. If psychopaths are unable to feel strong emotions, what are their goals/aspirations in life?

    8. What are the signs of a psychopath targeting you?

    9. Do psychopaths lack the concept of sexuality since they’re unable to form deep emotional connections?

    10. If a psychopath is able to form a family, what would be the effect on his or her children?



    Dear Allana and Brianna,

    Can you please get in touch with me at my official email [email protected] ? I’ll try and answer your questions.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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