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    Looking back in my life..i find that since childhood.,i have always been afraid to gel up or mix up with the other m 28 and still find myself in d same situation,i think i suffer from social anxiety,but its not that i m shy,i m a pretty good in public speaking..but success depends on social life of a person too..its horrible when u dont have anyone to talk to..what should i do..i want to overcome this..need guidance.



    try to come out of your comfort zone for finding friends and hence gain long term happiness instead of always finding short term happiness by taking it easy. start with having a life on social media or various dating sites am sure u will do well there as u are not shy.



    Hi isha, when u are not actually not a shy person and don’t have any communication problem then u can easily make frds. First of all u has make frds but not in social medias but try to make frds directly. Its not any difficult thing to make it but the thing is u hav to mingle with others. So do u feel any insecure or felt strange with others when u talk with them..?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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