Need Guidance for my married life

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    Hi Roshini,
    Just to begin with….I do feel sorry for what you are going through…
    I may sound little rude and unethical to you…but i have some suggestion to check out a fair history of the husbands family along with the neighbors and other close friends to the family.
    Know more about the your husband…his near past activities…so that you can find some sort of reason or arguments to justify the action he is doing to you…..?
    Based on this no matter what you discover do take some bold action that will protect you and your husband, and be in touch with some trusted people from your family and discuss that action your to take.
    Dont give up your hope….everything will be fine……….



    1) They dont hv contact wd any neighbours …not even talking terms wd any .nor do they allow me to go outside house or talk to anyone

    2) Marriage is fixed through newspapers advt …so no common fmly members or ppl whom we can talk

    3) Only we know his office no n his boss no where we ave already briefed his n his fmly behaviour.. just waiting for oct 14 monthh n dt wch he has mentioned when he will come..although we all doubt abt he coming .

    I hv lost patience n dont know wht should i take next step. Among 2 month of marraige whole month i am here at my papas house n earlier 15 days at my married didi house

    We dont know how n from where we can make enquiry


    Roshniji i was wondering if you could answer some more questions?
    1) Do you have job? if no please do find the job using the guidance of your parents….
    2)Its really strange that even though they accepted you as part of their family they are acting weird to you….so its better that really take chances when you are at home take serious steps with parents like making third non family member whom can be trusted as an Allie to your aid…so that all blame wont come to you in the end.
    3) if you are at your papas house do ask him to enquire about the family through some of his means………i do know its the point where you are helpless but knowing more is important…….
    I wonder before marriage did your family enquired about their background through any mean………?
    As you say you where there with him for sometime……does he spend time in internet and browsing more than he communicates with you?
    I know Facebook is not a standard for good family life…but then too……. do he has a account? …….are you aware of that account?… he spend most time in it(on bases when you where in his family)? if he has a account does he has updated his status of marriage on it……

    Roshniji please donot get upset if above questions are making you worried…….But i do insist you to become self-reliant…some source of answer will surely be popping out if you get into it…..
    Everything will be Fine……..

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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