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    i have a daughter who is 4 yrs now … we are in us right now when she was 1and a half year i noticed some behavioral problem in her .we are four in our family me , my husband my mother in law and my sister in law. at the age of 1and half year she started showing deep love towards my sister in law she always want to sit with her want to eat with her want to sleep with her always want to be with her at the age of 2 and a half year she remain same i always ignore thought she is a child but if we are in family function than also she want to be with her only she dont even want me to stand there she want me to go away that time … than we moved to us and now my daughter who is 4 yrs and 3 month old has the same habbit if some relative visit us she does the same she want to be with them all the time even want to sleep with them she want that they should be with her all the time relatives get irritated with her some complaints that she has a habbit of stare …some said that she stare them all the time i have only one child
    and i am not understanding why she is behaving this …wee pampered her a lot if she goes out she want our relatives to hold her hand if we go ina reastaurant she want to sit with them she want that they should feed herr bye their hand if we said no than she strated crying in a bad manner and everybody watches us …she is not doing it with every body but with many person who are our relative who come to visit us 4-5 days ….or if we go for a child party than also she does it this ….pls help … my friend said my child is not normal i am very hurt bye their comments …we love her so much but she never listen to us in front of our relatives
    she is stubborn moody …like last time when a couple visit us she want to sleep with them when i said no she crying to much that even she hold her breath and keep telling me that she only want to see them …and be with them i dont even understand what is going on with my chilld kindly help


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    I am in Dilema, Confused and literally lost. I don’t know what i am right now. Its just that whatever i am doing
    is not from heart. I am not in love definitely. This Hate, this feeling has taken control over my body,over my mind,over my soul,
    I dont know what i am upto,i dont know what i m going through, i dont have words to express the things i feel, i dont know what i am supposed to do,
    i m not in love, I have lost a few people in my life and very soon i am going to loose a few more, I remember what i was, what i used to do, how i used to behave,
    but now its completely changed. all the changes that i have observed in myself is that i am aggressive, i don’t listen much instead i speak a lot. My hands talk rather my words,
    Sometimes i feel i am careless, i have no job to do, i have no aim. i am not clear about my thoughts. I am not in Love, and that love is not about between two people. but with everybody,
    i cared a lot, i loved a lot but all i need is somebody to love me, all i need is somebody to care about me.. and the only thing . the only mistake in my life i made is EXPECTATIONS.
    Expectations killed my soul killed my feelings. sometimes i feel like a stone hearted guy who doesn’t even care about his friend. all he is concered about himself. sometimes i feel like to
    look somebody. somebody who can talk to me. somebody who will stood up for me when the whole world is against me. who will be beside me even if i am wrong. who would walk with
    me in the times of loneliness. Expectations killed everything inside me. The previous me, the ME that i used to be. The ME that i want to be back. I had that sort of satisfaction once that yes everybody
    is happy with me, nobody should be upset but then when i look back, it doesn’t matter to anybody. I cared for them and they left me. I am afraid of loving. i start expecting people soon !



    Dear Riya,
    Have you thought about taking your daughter to see a child psychologist? since you are in the US, it is much easier to find a specialist there. Don’t worry, this does not confirm in any way that she has a psychological problem. Maybe there are just emotional issues and the psychologist can help you resolve them. Where exactly are you in US? We could help you find someone.

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