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    Hello sir ,

    I am 25 years old and working for an mnc company . I am in love with a guy since 6 years , but he didn’t accept from the first also not allowing me to avoid him , if I avoid him he is again messaging me like ” are you not going to talk with me “? So six years it is going like this and we are roaming around like this . Now they are searching bride for him and I cannot take in that fact, and tell him that I can’t take in when he marries someone. Other side my family has lot of economical issues which stresses me lot . I feel like running somewhere often thought of suicide act even. I feel like nothing gives me happiness except the time spending with that guy. But once after meeting him and returning immediately I feel I am missing him and scared that this is not permanent and puts me in sad mood . Because of all these problems iam getting angry on people for no reason and facing lot of family problem . Iam living just for sake without any interest in anything . On seeing all these people at my home wanted to arrange marriage for me which irritates me more because iam not ready to accept anyone else other than this guy. I often feel committing suicide if he marries someone but later will calm down myself . But I don’t have interest in living , most of the time crying , getting muscular pain taking medicines for this pain and sleep troubling people all around me so no use in living I feel. Kindly suggest a solution.

    Thanks ,

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