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    I don’t know, how people express them self but finally i am taking this step after 4 years to say things
    its being 4 years i had breakup, i reason for breakup was never been told and that’s something hurts me the most, even after breakup we used to meet and used to kiss each other because i had some sought of confidence that we still love each other. i try to handle my self in these 4 years but point to point i keep on doing stuff which i know is unethical like FWB. i have many good friends but i always feel like i am alone. i was handling myself but then the point come i lost my father. i am just 21 and now the responsibilities drained my mind. i have to take care of home, corporate life as well. i feel like i am doing all these things like a dead person, i can smile but behind that smile no one is able to see the pain.
    another twist come when i finally meet someone, i know that i was not ready for the relationship because i was not mentally fit. i told him each and everything about my condition and he bring smile on the face that we will handle all the things but deep in my mind i was still effects by my past relation
    after 1 month of relationship we are on the condition of breaking up because of lots of insecurities in my mind. i say stuff that can make anyone sad. i over reach in each and every situation. i feel like its all my mistake and feel like i am again heart broken. i can see myself going back to the same situation which i was in 4 years back after breakup. My dad used to treat me like a princess but its like i lost everything ek dum se. no one to love. i cant say thing to my mother. Before all these thing i was totally a different person and i can feel the change. i feel like i am 21 and over responsible with all the things there are still many things going in my mind. i keep on overthinking the stuff. need to say many more thing but
    Thank you



    Hi, First of all sorry about your father. you went through the tough situations from past four years which made you to feel like this. Your first relationship was much deeper as you so loved him than anything. Even after the breakup you’re still loved him by having the hope that your relationship may again get better but it’s not always happen as the person we love will not going to love us in the same way. Before you’re going to forget him completely you had another relationship which made you to feel like secure because in your mind you thought every person you love will going to leave you as from what happened earlier.
    As i don’t know the reason behind your breakup, i can’t exactly tell who’s fault it was but as from your words i can tell you surely that you have tried your best to solve the problems arrieved in that time. So Whatever happened is a past, so whatever you has to do is believe in yourself first. It’s good that you’re finally opened your feelings which makes you feel better.
    You haven’t done anything wrong, just think that the people who went out from your life just don’t deserve to be with you and it’s good for you to know about them earlier. You have many loving people around you who still cares for you. So do you think you’re still depending on someone?
    You can feel free to talk with me at anytime. Thank you

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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