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    I am 28 years old, have one and half year old kid, it’s two and half years of our married life. Me and my husband always have argument and end up hurting me in only one matter that is mother in laws issue. Very sad that my sister in law is the one who takes the decision and I have to agree to what she says. Mother in law is a widow and that’s a very strong reason she gains sympathy from her kids. She I’ll treats me every time and back stabs me and my parents with each and everyone. She is the one who never ever accepts her mistake and keeps blaming others. She is quite jealous of me, always her daugher to be the best and gorgeous. Till date she laughs when I fall Ill, doesn’t care to help me or my kid. She is a shopping freak lady, doesn’t like to beat home. When I was pregnant both mother in law and sister in law forced my husband to convince me to abort the child. She had also told she will nt take care of kid and till date I have managed to look after my kid by not going to work, but in front of others she does show off by showing too much love and care to my kid. She gets new clothes for us and does show off saying she cares for us. She hates me a lot because I came from a middle class family and love marriage. She keeps lieing a lot and blaming others. She doesnot eat what I cook and if she cooks she wants everybody to eat it for 4 to 5 days. When my daughter was ill, when doctor suggested not to give some particular food, purposely she hides and make my kid eat the restricted food. She hates me helping her in house work and also keeps saying I do not do any work. Sister in law keeps calling everyday because she stays in US and tells my husband what to do and what not, and blindly he agrees to them. I am really tired, tried to be best with them but of no use. We do not have privacy of things in our own bedroom, ech and everything she wants, she keeps visiting our bedroom in our absence and swap things which I find very difficult, we do take her out on weekends, if not she will get ready before us to join us. Each and every day she goes out of house with something or the other reason and Hates being with family. I am tired because she denominates me for each and everything. My husband knows everything and keeps quite because his sister controls him.

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