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    Dear mam,
    I need help to save my marriage. As I got married in Feb 2009 in tough situations. My husband used to drinking habit.Even he told lies to me that he is a chairman. But he don’t have any work. He says he is a member of congress party. He is in politics. As i am a teacher, he wanted only my income for his drinking. He comes late night.In the morning he don’t have any work instead of sleeping. When i refused to give money he beat me and abusing me. so I got transferred to my parents city. I have 2 years old daughter. When i complainted to women cell then he says sorry and said to give me money to spend at home. He will not even for my income. So I started to goto my in laws. But still he used to drink heavily and take tobacco. He did not give a single rupee for my daughter. He is not ready to leave his habits,but asks me for transfer and come to in laws place. and always asks how much i have saved in these 4 years. Please help me.

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