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    i am saranya i am doing my pg final year. i am in love from past 5 years but from last 5 years monthly 1s myself and my lover will get clash . i that time he will ask sorry to me and i will leave not take care about the problem again we both will get close and now before 6 month again same problem came . The problem is he will keep on watching me in doubt he usually compare me and talk with other boys and he will say i should not talk with other boys but my surrounding is not like that i have to mingle with girls and boys . If i explain he won understand but in 1 situation i said i don’t want you we can get break up i can leave with you. i said this but i can’t leave without him daily each and every minute i am thinking of him, i can’t even think my life without him no sleep at nite but feel i have to say in bed for long time and i feel to leave lonely , i can’t get concentration in any work my mind is blank, i feel like i don’t want to live in this world, my mind always says me to die soon. i do know what to do . he is not talking with me i asked to him sorry many times he is not believing me and there is no family support to me. i think i become a mental pls help me what can i do…[/size][/font]

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