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    Pooja Dutta

    I have a 7 year old hyperactive son. I have been getting complaints from his shcool off late about his misbehaviour. He doesn’t want to sit at one place, disturbs other children, picking other children’s food / chocolate without their permission etc. He’s good at his studies and I haven’t found any difficulties in getting his homework done. He is very aggressive at home and starts yelling and crying if his demands aren’t met. I tried to talk it out with him about his behaviour to which he replied that he likes to play prank on others and its just a part of the game, he says he does not mean any harm. He never hurts anyone. I have tried reasoning him out with lots of love, punishment as well as time outs, but i’m still unsure why is this behaviour of my child isn’t improving. Is it just a phase or is he suffering from ADHD or any medical condition?? Please help.


    I dont think its ADHD since he does not regret his behavior. In Adhd people become compulsive and regret their acts later on. But its important to take some steps to try to control his behavior. He seems to have no serious problems right now but discipline.Make him understand that there are so many other ways of playing the game without hurting others. Try to workaround all the options that he can find pleasureable. Set up rewards for his good behavior and some type of penality for his bad deeds. If he still continues then a child psychologist will certainly be very helpful.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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