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    I am posting this message to help my mother who might be suffering from some psycological disorder. i am not sure.

    My mom is about 48yrs old. father is 55yrs old. i have a younger sister. I am 31yrs old and got married about a few yrs bk.

    The problem is that my Mom always seems to be looking for reasons to pick fight with anyone in the family. This keeps happening once in 3-6 months..

    few points about her:
    -she feels she is not respected by our father and is treated badly in public.
    -she feels she was not treated well by in-laws while she stayed with them during hte initial yrs
    -She feels that none of the our nuclear family member respect her and her advice.
    – she has never accepted her mistake. never ever. its always us saying sorry to end the bad situation.
    – when she is angry, she will not show any affection at all. not to me, my wife, my sister..
    – once she is angry , she can go on for 7-10 days without talking to anyone.
    – she will constantly give ‘ taana’ to everyone while she is angry
    – she will behave violently and shout very loud when angry
    – she is very unpredictable and we cant guess with 100% surity about when she is going to get angry.
    – she upsets whole house for the entire duration when she is angry.
    – she keeps saying that she should not expect love and respect from her childeren etc..
    – whenever she is losing an arguement, she will divert the topic and start discussing some old incident where, she thinks, other person was at fault.
    – When normal, she gives gyaan to whole world about how you should be happy and carefree. dont bother about others. just be happy. everything will get well etc.. she tells this to other women who visit our house. i think she likes the feeling of superiority over others by saying all this.
    – she is very adament. will not change her point of view even if strongest logics are given.

    i dont know how to handle her fluctuating anger, which can strike back any time and disturb the whole house for atleast 2 weeks. everything come to a standstill when this happens.

    please let me know if you can help me. if you need more details. or do you think i shoulld see some psychologist face to face?

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