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    My son appeared for his Std. XII exams. Though he worked very hard, his results were terrible. However, this in itself does not reflect the complexity of the problem. My son has always been a OK kind of a student. When we got transferred to Pune from Mumbai his performance in the school fell down. Sometime before his board exams, I lost my dad to whom he was very closely attached. Subsequently we got transferred to Kolkata, where he had a troubled stint in Std XI since he missed out on all the exams of the school since he use to fall sick around the period. In fact during one of the exams he suffered from Dengue. However, he decided to make up for this by studying very hard for his Std. XII board exams. He did his exams well but results of some of the papers were very disappointing. While he expected to score between 70 – 80 per cent he could only secure slightly less than 60 per cent. In Chemistry which he claims to have done well he secured extremely low marks. I have very valid reasons to believe my son for the kind of person he is – simple, soft spoken and honest.
    I am unable to understand the difficulty my child is facing in his academics and how to address this. The problem for me is compounded by the fact that he has a elder brother who is studying in IIT and has a great influence on him. The two brothers are very good friends and my younger son seeks advice and inspiration from him.
    I think what I need is some motivational advice and professional psychological advice for my younger son. Since he would soon be pursuing his higher studies in engineering and would be staying alone, it becomes important for us that he is motivated and adequately inspired. I need help of some professional with whom I could discuss things in greater detail



    Dear Mr. Pandey,
    Thank you for writing to us. The reasons for your son’s poor performance could be many and it is difficult to infer them without having a conversation with him. May be because of the frequent moves it is difficult for him to settle down in new surroundings, and this could lead to a loss in confidence. But this is mere speculation and I don’t want to guess. I understand how worried you must be as a parent and I would try to resolve your issue to the best of my capacity. Where are you located at present? May be I can find a professional for you whom you can go meet face-to-face with your son.



    Respected sir
    I am not a psychologist…but a student in IIT Delhi.I had faced almost exactly similar situation.I had 95% in 10th.I had 58% in 12th in first attempt,JEE not cleared,failed in AIEEE.
    I dropped a year…repeated boards and competitive preparation.Then i got 80%in 12th,AIR 849 in IIT JEE 2012.
    I am always willing for any possible suggestions I may give
    please feel free to mail me if you wish to contact me
    I’ll be grateful.
    [email protected]

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