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    I am a 22 years old guy from Chennai. On my job training I got a friend(girl) who is nice and caring to me. She also has another guy as her close friend. She talks to him in Whatsapp all the day, but not much to me as she talks to him, as I am not in Whatsapp and we will generally text each other. If I ask her why are you replying late, She ll tell that she is chatting in Whatsapp. Even if I ask to whom you are chatting, she ll truely say that she is chatting to that guy. I am not possessive about her, but I get worried of myself that she talks to him,more than me. She would buy chocolates to him and vice-versa, but not for me. I have never asked to her. Why she likes him more than me? Is that because I’m not a good conversationalist? What characters I need and What should I change in myself?
    Please guide me.


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    you are submissive.
    you need to tell her that u too have friends you r chatting she may nt take u fr granted in her stride all d time..she is buying chocolates means she is pretty serious wd tht guy…either play mind games to get your attention or forget and ignorre.

    make her feel she is nt everythng and also she is losing a bestie in you..if she is gives importance to other guy.
    do good task in frnt of her so she feel proud and insecure at same time to lose you

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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