Need help In relationship.

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    Bhushan Suryawanshi

    Hi,i m 19 years old and i m suffering from problems in relationship with my partner. I actually expect a lot from her which was never fulfilled{Maybe i think so}. And then i get angry on her which creates a big quarrels . After that i realized that i have been mistaken and feel sorry and decide that i will never do this again. But unfortunately all this things happens again and we meet with fight. I don’t know why ? I get very angry , i get hurt which lead me to depression some times. I don’t know what should i do to resolve this issues. I seriously need help.
    I can’t cope up with what i have decide, i do same thing again and again, let it be in relationship or in studies or in habits.
    And i always DOUBT her, whenever she goes outside, i don’t like he going outside for long. I never allow her to do new things , i fear that bad thing will happen or she will betray me . I just have a VERy BAd felling about this.



    First of all you should think about your expectation. What are your expectations with her? You can not impose your expectations on others. Before complaining about her have you thought about yourself? Are you doing the same thing which you expect with your partner.

    Faith and believe are the pillar of every relation. If she is going outside for long then it is not a crime. You should believe her. So my suggestion is that you must be calm down, don’t expect too much with your partner. Treat her like your partner not like a slave. Be nice with her. Think about yourself and your behavior. I hope that if you do this your life become peaceful and full of happiness.

    One last thing, you are 19 years old so you must give more priority to your carrier and stable future.


    Bhushan Suryawanshi

    Maybe you are right. And ya, i don’t treat her like a slave. And was never blaming her. i was blaming myself that’s why i m here.:dodgy: btw thank you for your suggestion.



    Hi Bhushan,

    may be you must learn to calm down a bit. Every person including you would want their space. Put yourself in her shoes and think, just imagine if she was doubting you,not thrusting you,not allowing you to learn anything new etc. You would feel bad right.

    N moreover over you also need to focus on your studies,be a nice person to her. Every time you get angry, just pause,take a deep breath, think through the situation and try to calm down.

    Remember you would be treated in the same way that you treat others.

    Just love her with all your heart and things should go fine.

    All the best! stay calm

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