Need help: Is it a psychological problem and how to deal with.

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    My friend who is a girl is loving a guy like a crazy. The guy always use to abuse her badly time to time. Such incident has increased from last few month. But she is getting herself unable to leave that guy.
    At time girl get badly upset but after talk with me, despite lot of suggestion to leave the guy, she again go with the same guy. The guy is working in the same company in which girl is working. The guy is not stable in case of girl, he is addicted for the girls.
    My friend think that if she will go with that guy, then only she will be happy, but the incident which are taking place shows no good for her.
    Sometime when told I will call to her family she told me that she will go suicidal in such case.
    What to do in this case so that she can be put on track and her life can become normal.

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