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    I am 24 (gonna be 25). I have completed (Horticulture) in 2011. I was brought up under the govern of Step-father. He decides every thing – from school (he changed every 2 years a school), to whom i have to talk, even my friends (not a guy in that list). After 2011, he did nt allow me to study nor allowed me to do a job. When i talked about the job, he replied that hen i earn for you people why do you have to go for job. he used to check my contact and sms in my mobile. I felt like im in a prison. He expired 9 months back. Now i want to continue my studies but could not make decision about about what to study. sometime i think to do masters in the same field and start preparing for that then slowly my mood starts to swing that i will think of changing my career my change to something else……..
    I dont know what i like, what i want in life….. who am i? I feel like i have wasted my 24 years of life….

    Please help me………

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