need help! subject: fear of being caught(un neccessary by cops

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    khatri naved

    m having phycological issue since 11 years right now i am 20 i m a boy from india!

    facing this current issue since 2-3 months! medicine is going on,, but no result!

    the fear still exist!

    mainly i feel like if i go out at motor cycle (alone)
    in some police nakabandi they caught me and they will take me to police station (un nessesarily)

    but my mind say they will definately take you to polise station as i m muslim! (government is some diffrent religios)
    it may b like partiality!!

    but i know that my thinking is (absolutely false)

    but cant get rid out of it!

    please help me out to get out from this problem!!

    from start of the day thoughts start coming in my mind!

    waiting for your response


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