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    I am newly married woman. Its been only 2 months since m married. It was an arrange marriage. N i had a bad fite in ma first meeting wd ma husband. I wasnt prepared n interested to get married but lately i ended up with this guy as his wife under social n family pressure. We r just not compatiable. V r not for each other..I do not have ny interest in this guy n do not want to get along wd him. I know i made a mistake by marrying dis person but i dun wana spend ma whole life lik dis. I dun even lik his routine habits so u can eaaily figure out dat m not at all interested in any physical rship. M scared dat my family s nvr going to understand all dis and also dey have to go thru so many social troubles if i do take any step individually. I just want to live. I used to think about running out eksewhere or comitting suicide. I really wish i hav any legal knowledge about ma rights n any logical advice to follow other den escaping or doing suicide.

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