Need to breakup from my bf of 6 yrs

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    I am in a relationship with a guy since 6 years.. We started seeing each other during college days.. so were very immature then..slowly we got to know each other and he became too serious..even i thought that i am falling in love with him.. in that span he lost his father(he had also lost his mother when he was 5).. so he went into a very low phase in life and needed me.. i supported him a lot,took him out of it.. years passed by but now i think i have lost myself somewhere into all this..i was with him just with all compromises and adjustments and feared to talk to him regarding this thinking he might again go into a low phase.. Now i have literally started lying to him all the way to avoid him because i have realized that i don’t love him it was just compromise and adjustments from my side.. he loves me a lot even today but i dont want to keep him and myself in a fake relationship.. I need to breakup now.. Please help me out on how should i convince him



    Hi sister can u tell me how can be in relationship with a boy for last 6 years having no love?

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