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    hi i am 23
    m in a relationship since 2009, v ver school best friends, fell in lov with each other , aftr two years i found his sex chats with lots of girls… alot happened aftr i came to know , i was hospitalised for a week … later we somhow worked on it and aftr a year later i again found a same kind of sex chat with a girl … i kind of trusted him a lot ( being my first relationship and he was my best friend) And he broke my trust. its long time n i still feel somewher he might hurt me again. i really dont see myself trusting him for anything.
    please help m loosing my mind cz i get wierd ideas of hurting him , spying him ….i dont want to do this
    and dis is not it ia m living with dis guy(me my elder sister and him) in a flat i think there is somthing going on between these two( i mean for gad shake she is my sister i think she cant do dat to me) or may b am acting like a total paranoid and this feeling is killing me , i just want to know weather he still loves me in the same way as i do or not.
    please help cz its all over my mind all the time and m sick of it.

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