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    i got married 10 years back when i was still doing my education..he has a mother and two sisters. i have no good relation with my mother in law and with two sister because, they have insulted and hurted me with their bad words and scolded me always during my early days of marriage for nothing. But since when i got job, they are showing little respect to me, but i know they are acting. As i do not like them, am not able to talk to them whole heartedly, One day, my elder sister in law has even scolded my father and mother with indecent bad words before me and my husband. but my husband didnt say anything, since then i hated her more. still i am not able to forget that situation. My parents always wanted me and my husband to be together and they asked me to forget all those things which were happened in past.
    my in laws comes to my home once in a year and i need to serve them, but they all enjoy them selfs leaving me alone. my husband also enjoys with them. basically he is a good person and loves me in absence of his mother or sister. but he changes when they come. i feel lonely.
    if i question him he also says bad words to me and i even hurt more.

    They have insulted my father and scolded me everytime which am not able to digest.
    we have 2 kids, i have taken a loan and bouhgt a car for comfortable communication within city, whenever we are go for any functions to my husbands native, their elder sister and their family never used to come to any functions but now they are coming to even small functions or events in our car, they are using us. am feeling unconmfortable with them. i question myself why am allowing those who has insulted me and my father to enjoy i my car which i bought with my hard earned money. once i experessed the same to my husband and asked him not to do so, he is black mailling me saying that he will not even touch the car even for our family. what to do. is this correct.







    Hi , it means u hav problem with your laws only so your husband is not wants to be at one side. Its normally occurs in many family. Your point is only that it seems that who have scold u and insulted your family are now using your things for their comforts. But you should not say all this to your husband as everyone takes themselves if someone says bad about their family. So you should make him to realise the things and make him to be not attached everytime with his sisters.


    Jharna Melwani

    It is totally understandable how you feel. Everything you are going through is unfair to you. Have you ever tried asking your in-laws why do they speak the things they do? No matter what you neeed to understand their perpesctie. Sit down with your in-laws and ask them have you done anything to hurt them? Soetimes we say things unknowingly that people missunderstand, based on their childhood experiences. They do not know it also. You can be the bigger person here and understand what is going on. Set the example to your kids that you would like to solve issues and even after talking if they do not change, then you have every right to be assertive in telling them such statements are not acceptable to you and you would need to be treated with respect. You need to feel like you deserve to be treated right and also remember many times we focus on things that actually do not matter. Also the more you react, the more you will hear. Show the world your happiness is only in your control. A wise man told me once”If you have decided to be happy, no one can stop you”. Do be firm and clear with what you want and coming to your husband, he is doing the best according to him. Men usually have only work on their mind. He is responsible for so many lives and to him that is enough to cloud his day, he would be so happy if he could come to a happy and peaceful environment. Try and speak and sort things out. I am sure no one can be mean forever.

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