Numbness and fear… Plz Help out

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    I dnt know how to come up with it…It’s a lil long story ,,so plz bear with me..
    I was in a long distance relationship with this girl based out of delhi for like two years. We wanted to marry and decided to let our parents know about it and then did so. In 2013 Jan it all started. Within a month after telling about us at our respective homes, things started getting ugly and finally I stepped forward and made a decision to not go ahead with it as either of the families were not happy about it. She broke and cried and begged me, but i was just indecisive. It was march when we were struggling badly in our relationship. And we finally broke up in july 2013 (note that i met her in june and we had our good time too).
    After the break up I realized that i just couldn’t survive without her and i informed this to her, but it was like i was too late. Now i tried to convince her, have her faith back in me and what not for more than a year and finally in November 2014 we started having a healthy conversation again. An then finally we had a patch up in december 2014 again.
    Now things took such a sudden turn that my family met her just after our patch up and everybody liked her and we jumped onto the marriage part again.After we started planning and everything and having a healthy relationship again, she chooses a day to let me know a few things about her past.
    On 1st Jan, 2015 she lets me know that she was dating a guy from her office from march 2013 to july 2013(this was the time when we both were struggling in our relationahip). And then she met this guy for a few times after july and till 2014 november. I was sad and heart broken to hear all that, but i made myself understand all this. After a couple of days I discover a truth by myself and that was that she got physically intimate with this guy on 30th oct, 2014. After a lot of confronting of mine she finally accepted that and she said it was that guy’s birthday and it just happened. She says that was the only time they got intimate and there wasn’t any love affair between them. She was sorry and abt it and etc etc.
    Right now i am living with that fact and there are talks going on between our family to tie the knot, but the fact is that a few questions keep haunting me.
    And they are
    1. She ditched me when she was already kinda dating that guy before our break up. If she can do so when she was madly in love with me, can she do it again infuture if we go through a bad phase in our relationship?
    2. she lide to me and never informed about her physical intimacy part untill i discovered it. Why did she do so and what is the guaranty that she hasn’t been hiding anything more from me?
    3. I somehow don’t trust her anymore. How should I get it back. And if not then is it right to go ahead for marriage.

    Note- I have a lot on stake and i am playing high on her.

    Please help. I am dieing each day with this fact of her betrayal.



    Hi little bit wait for marriage untill you fully satisfied with her character. She may have relationship with someone then it is not compulsory that she will continoue that in future. Anybody can change in any time. Try to spend more time with her. When u feel that she is really changed and loves u sincerly then only go for marriage..

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