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    My mother who 80 years old lady, deaf since I know her( i am 46 now), she cannot hear any outside noises, but is educated, well read lady. since 2 years she started to talk to herself as if having conversation with someone.when asked with whom she is talking, she just says ( wo hai na in our language Marathi) and gestures upwards. since 6 months it is worse, she says someone is scolding her, holding her guilty because she committed some mistakes before her marriage. when I am with my husband she says she cannot tell the problems in front of her son-in-law. she says the voices up there are finding her guilty, she agrees for that and becomes anxious as to why these voices are digging her past now. She stays with my sister, does not allow her to go out of sight for few minutes also. We are losing patience now, nowadays she says, the persons or voices above are not allowing her to eat, sleep or even go to toilet. they are allegedly threatening to kill her she says. because of all these she says no mental peace and she says she wants some peace now. she says she hears all types of sounds. we are unable to understand what to dol Please Help!!
    Thanks & regards

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