On the verge of break up with my boyfriend.

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    Hii prachi….

    I really need your help in the present stage of our relationship. I have been searching for any hope I could find in various sites. I hope you will help. I will first tell you about both of us.
    I and my bf (let me name him, KD) met in the 11th standard in school. We were friends at first, then gradually fall in love with each other. After passing out the school, he started ignoring me. I tried to contact him, talk to him, but all in vain. Finally I decided of having break up and told him that. He too accepted. Months passed and I moved on. I got a new bf of mine, whom I told even that I cannot forget KD ever and will not be able to love anyone like I did him. With time I quite adjusted well without him. Then KD himself made contact with me, and I accepted as if I was waiting for so long for the same. We became friends again. He always used to blame me for the breakup. Gradually, he came in relation with a friend of mine. But they were not compatible enough and broke up. After that, KD started to make me realise how much he loves me. He told that after We passed out, he ignored me just because he had fear that we would not be able to maintain a long distance relationship. But deep down he still loves me. Gradually I again fall for him, and told my present bf that I can’t be able to be in relation with him, as I loved KD. That guy let me go saying, all that matters is my Happiness.
    Since then, its been 5 years, that me and KD are in relationship with each other. But things aren’t as such as they used to be before. There are hell lot of problems between us. I had shifted to his city for my studies and we almost meet twice in a week. Everything was ok at first. But then fights started. they went bitter and worse than that. We talked of having break up everyday. Then after few days, we mutually discussed on this and sweared never to fight again. Our 5 years anniversary came, and I went to his place. we spent a romantic day with each other. Things were alright once again. But after that I don’t know what happened. We almost fight everyday, curse each other, cry on phone.
    I know, there are some problems with me. I am very short tempered and jiddi. I get angry at a very small matter too. But he always knew this nature of mine. I am like that from my childhood only. But he has changed. Nowadys, he has become so obesed with himself, tht If I point out a mistake of his, he will completely deny and put that blame on me.He never accepts his faults. However I may cry on phone, he always comments on me. Situation gets worse.
    Things are like that, that we are avoiding each other. But the fact is we both seriously love each other. Since the past 3 days, we haven’t talked or seen each other. Neither did he call, nor did I. But I really don’t want to break up. I have considered him as my life partner. We have engaged too. I can’t let him go. He is my everything and the only love of my life. I just want to bring back the previous essence of our relationship. When I was his biggest fan, he treated me like a baby. We never fought and cried if the other was in pain. I want to bring back all those happy moments back in our life. There are so much tensions between us that, I fear we would be having break up very soon. Please help me out of this situation. Help me sort out all problems between us. I really do love him a lot.[/font]

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