One side love with best friend turning to obsession

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    I am a doctor. My story starts like this. I was in one sided true love with smbdy for 4yrs. Then another guy came to my life. He was my junior. He asked me to be friends with me. Slowly we became best friends. He made me forget my past one sided love. He made me feel so much special. He used to call me four to five times a day. long night calls. we used to share every little thing. I started falling for him. One day i expressed my feelings for him, but he said he only cosidered me good friend. I thought maybe after smtime, his feelings for me wd change. He wil also start loving me. I said ok, we wil stay just as friends. Bt my love for him kept on increasing and i started every little thng that i can do, to show my love and care for him. His friendship with other girls made me feel jealous like anything. Phone calls started decreasing and the less we started talking, the more i got obsessed for him. He couldnt crack his post graduate exam, got depressed. Stopped sharing himself with me, started staying alone. I tried to console him, but he said he doesnt need anybdy’s suggestions. Seriously, i worry for him, i care for him. I love him like anything. Bt decreased conversations, led to fights, misunderstandings. He said he stil consider me as good friend bt its me who has lost faith in him. Every other day i was angry at him that he was not talking to me. Today we had a big fight. I tried to explain him that i care for him so much, but he said i had hugely disappointed him by my behaviour. Nw i hv realised that i hv become obsessed hin, and my this obsessive behaviour is suffocating him. I want those talks back again, the way he alwz used to bring smile on my face. I know i should leave him, but i am not able to. I cant live without talking to him. I miss him every second of my life. I am not able to concentrate on anything else. Dont feel like talking to anybody. Stay depressed most of the time. I really love him. I knw this he wil never love me the way i love him. I tried leaving him, but its not possible. That makes me more depressed. i keep on crying whole day..Always keep on waiting for his one msg or phone call. What shd i do? Hw shd i forget him? Plz dnt say keep urself busy, stop all contacts with him. Trust me, i have tried everything bt nothinh works..

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