Over possesive and abusive boyfriend

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    Sabrina Khan

    soSo I’m just seventeen and it feels like I’m completely devoid of self esteem. A relationship of 2 years. I’m in a co-ed school, He’s in an only boys school! He doesn’t let me talk to boys or have any guy friend. He beats up every guy who tries talking to talk! He decides what should I wear and what I shouldn’t, For instance he doesn’t let me wear shorts or caprees or dresses! He doesn’t let me use Fb! He says he’d be happy and with me if I obey these 2 tgs. He otherwise treats me very well! But somehow I’m always sad! I end up talking to guys behind his back though I hate lying. He thinks if I talk to a guy or wear something he doesnt like, Ive cheated on him. Im addicted to him n dont have the guts to break up! Im insecure though people say Im pretty- I love him should I continue being witg him ? and one more thing he hurts himself if something happens and please help me its v serious



    Ms Sabrina
    From your description it is clear that you both are very much involved in each other. So Try to convince your bf that your dedication lies towards him and him only and that talking with other guys or having a fb account or wearing fancy clothes will not change this.
    But while trying to talk with him about this make sure he is in good mood and try to be nicest while convincing and tell him that there are some situations where it becomes essential to talk to guys and that without his permission you feel guilty. Also if he allows you to be yourself you can be much more happy than present.
    Be calm and handle the situation. Don’t create issue if something goes wrong during conversation. Take time and continue.
    Hope you will be happy and he can understand you. Hope for the best. Chears.

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