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    I am Trina Mitra, married…31 years old. Married for 7 years. Living with my husband and in-laws. No kids(under infertility treatment since 6 months). I am a school teacher. Husband is also school teacher. Just 1 month before my father-in-law died caused by an accidental head-injury….and just 1 week after his dead my sister’s mother-in-law died suddenly by massive heart-attack.

    Please help me. I am suffering from some panic. Whenever I lay down to sleep…I feel pain in my chest and it seems like my respiration will be blocked soon. I feel like I will die as soon as I get asleep. Instantly I get hyper and get anxiety so much that I can’t sleep for the whole night. I’ve not slept more than 2 hrs at a time in last 20 days. Whether my physical problem is a problem or this is only fear? I’ve lost 7 KGs weight in last 1 month. My appetite is getting reduced. I am getting weaker day by day. I feel giddy almost every time. I have consulted 3 general physicians till date…they said I’ve nothing …only suffering from anxiety. They prescribed some vitamins, amytriplin, bethahistine, etizolam & multivitamins.
    I’m even getting afraid of taking tablets…as I always think that if i take tablet…the side effects may cause me die…if I take sleeping pills or antidepressants, it can make me sleep in which I may die.

    Please help. I feel helpless, lonely, depressed . Please suggest some remedy .

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