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    Sir, I want to tell you about my father, because he is the patient. Before that I have to tell you all the details.
    We have a very small family with 4 members: My father, mother, sister and me. The ages of my father and mother are 62years and 50years respectively, and they have 24years married life.
    They had a very happy married life. But for the last 1.5 years all those are changed because of these reasons:
    I had a drawing teacher who used to come in our house since I was 14years old. He taught me for 6years. He is hardly 4-5years older than me. He was like my elder brother. He used to call my mother as “Aunty”, and actually he treated my mother as his mother also (but all these were unknown to my father ,because he always busy with his business ).
    One day my teacher came in my home (Actually he lived in another place far from our town. He taught some children in our town. That’s why he used to come in our home. Sometime to ate something or took some rest as we were closer to him). That day only my mother was in home. He came and was taking some rest. After some time my father came and saw that he was in our home. My father doubted that my mother has an affair with my teacher. From that day my father used to do mentally torture to my mother. We were trying to clear his doubt, but he don’t want to listen anybody. My sister is going to attend Higher Secondary Exam and I am out of my home because of my study. Now all the things are out of control. I tried thousand times to take my father to a doctor. He always tell that he is going to suicide. For this we are scared. My mother used to cry every day, and my sister is affected by these entire family problems. We all are now out of control.. I have no choice to do anything. Please sir help me.. I don’t know how to deal with the problem.



    James, Sry bro . your need to have opinion of an expert. Please dont mind me asking, how is it possible that your father was unaware that your are taking art lessons for 6 yrs…If this is true, this could be the major reason of his anger.. give him a lot of regards and make his feel that you all respect him and he is the hero of the family… he might cool down…

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