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    I have this big problem of compulsive shopping and shop majorly through my credit cards which are paid by my company but in turn my personal advance account is debited. Also I love travel and photography and frequently get my travel financed by the company. Again, my advance account is debited. I used to think that over time I would gradually clear off the debts owed to my company. I recently made two blunders which are now giving me nightmares. I purchased a new and very expensive camera and then made a trip to the USA with my family, both on company expense and my account stands debited for those amounts as well.

    Our company is a joint family business and there are six cousins working and although they all have some debit balances mine naturally shows at top of the list. The cousins question me all the time as to how I will settle my accounts with the company and I am deeply embarrassed about the situation. Kindly advise on how I should go about managing this situation.

    Also, since I’m a compulsive spender by nature, I would like to immediately control this habit of mine and not get into further troubles.

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