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    Dear Ms Prachi

    I am the only child of my parents and I hate my father. He is incredibly ruthless, rude, loud and has messed up anger problems. He is essentially a dictator and I feel really trapped.
    I tried fighting back but he gets incredibly mad to the point where he hits himself to scare us out. I can’t sit in the same room as him because he always tries to pick up fights. He just believes that he is right and we can’t argue or point out the truth. He says he loves us and sometimes it does look like that but then he just goes back to his arrogant dictator self.
    The first time I saw him angry was when I was 5, he had a silly argument with mom over india losing the match and he got so angry that he threw his dinner plate the wall and started shouting at us.
    Oh and another time, mum and I were watching a movie on the computer and he was in the other room reading Hanuman Chalisa. I had kept the volume low but due to a fight sequence, it became really loud that triggered another round of shouting.
    The number of times he has done it is countless, he doesn’t physically harm us but now he is breaking me.
    I can’t fight anymore. I sit with him, he shouts and if I stay away from him then again he shouts.
    I already have a defective personality and now I don’t want a broken one.

    Please help me.


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