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    I didn’t want the relationship to end and told him but he didn’t agree.
    A week after the breakup he asked if we could be friends again.I said yes,but couldn’t just accept him as my friend.
    So we went on no contact.A month and a half later he asked whether I wanted to be friends with him and I said yes as he was going through a bad patch academically and emotionally. He said he missed me and he is trying to get back with life. Again we went on no contact for some days..we used to talk in 15-20 days.Last week we talked again and he said that he wants to talk to me more and he can’t bear the fact that we are not talking like before.And that he can’t get over the memories.
    I thought he wanted to come back but he did not mention anything sort of that.
    I realized I was still in love with him which caused mental torture to me so I decided to break the friendship off.
    Yesterday when we were talking I told him that lets not be friends anymore and he just said okay.I felt it was the right decision at that time but now I can’t bear the fact that we are not going to be friends anymore and we can’t talk.I am feeling guilty,frustrated and depressed and can’t understand whats going on in his mind at all. I need help.

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