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    Dear sir ,
    My name is Catalina . I am 16 years old . I live in a developing country and it kills me , I feel like I am locked in it , I cant find the life that I want and it is the life that everyone wants I want to be respected and I want people to deal with me as I am a human in school teachers keep shouting and I just cant say anything , students are so silly and they are without ambitions they do not have their own personality , in school everyone treat us as we are nothing , that time I wanted to borrow a book from the library I had to take a permission from the principe and she showed that she is upset because she gave it to me ( I go to the library so many times but is normal what is not normal to take a permission to go to it .
    After school when I am my way home the streets are full of noise and rubbish , people keep shouting , they do not respect the others , streets and houses are not organized at all it is all noisy ! :@
    When I go home I stay with my family and they are so good and I love them but some of our relatives keep butting into our own business for example some of them just get into our house without even ringing the bell !! And it is so annoying . I cant have the privacy that I need .
    And so I created my own life in my imagination it was five years ago till now , but then I started to fight to be different from all the people here but I started to lose my self now .
    I know that my whole problem is about the country I am in and my dream is to leave it but I cant because I am just sixteen but the worst is that the way the people think here about leaving and traveling is so backward they say that I wont be allowed to leave and they mock me for that they tell me it is my destiny to be where I am ,
    I just want to leave this country but I don’t know how
    Please help me and tell me what to do I feel so depressed everyday is like the day before I want to get out and have a life , it is all what I need
    Yours ,
    [email protected]

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