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    I am a 25 year old gal working with a reputed IT firm. Right now I am going through a very bad phase of my life.
    I am in love with a guy since 2 years and we love each other so much that we cannot live without each other. But the twist is he is a divorcee and different religion. I approached my parents. Told them but obviously.. They have a problem. They are least concerned about my feelings. What I am going through. Mean while my guy wants me to do a register marriage. But i am not able to do that. I want this to happen with my parents blessings which everyone says is next to impossible. I am stressed out.. I have no one to talk to or open up.
    In between something really bad also happened with me. I am RAPED! I dint tell this to anyone for like 3 months but now i cannot take everything of my own so i told my boyfriend that this happened but i did not tell him that i got violated. He was upset.. He cried.. Saying he cannot take good care of me.. Seeing that i could not tell him the whole story..

    Now i am going through something really bad… I am finding it difficult to tell my parents that after all these I cannot live with another guy.. N i am not able to do a register marriage because that would hurt my parents and i can never live without my boy friend as well.. N that rape scene is still a nightmare for me..

    I have very bad thoughts.. Sometimes suicidal thoughts.. Want to hurt myself and also got a bad headache all day.

    Please help me.. I am loosing control over myself. Its because of my nature of pleasing everyone. Want everything to happen with everyone’s blessings.

    I do not have any motivation to live. I am hurting my boyfriend who is a very genuine and nice guy but my parents have a problem with him..

    I do not know what step I should take next! Please help me!

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