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    Helo mam
    I work in a PSU. I have just got transferred from Vadodara to Panipat.

    Last year I was in Vadodara.

    I had a colleague who arrived in Vadodara in June 2012.

    I helped him a lot in settling down, and supported him in all possible ways.

    I liked him a lot and we became very good friends. We used to go out together for all his work.He also took me to Ahmedabad because first time he was not confident of driving the car and wanted me to accompany him.

    This incident occurred in November, 2012, in morning we went to get his car’s spoiler fixed and everything was fine, and then he all of a sudden wrote this mail to me.

    I am reproducing the whole mail correspondence:

    Me: saaley we watched last movie on 23/09/2012

    so 1 movie in a month shud be my fundamental right ;’-(

    n my minimum wages package shud be approved — its high time

    1. 1 movie in 1 month together

    2. 4 times lunch/dinner at my place

    3. 2 times nyt out in a month at my place

    ofcourse frequency may go higher as per ur mercy, but this is minimum

    Submitted for your approval

    His reply: You are free to go as many times as u want where ever u want…. BUT PLEASE SPARE ME FOR GOD’S SAKE…. U R NOT MY LUGAI….. AND HOPEFULLY U R NOT GAY… SO PLEASE….. SPARE ME…..
    aur maine tujhe kahi baandh k to rakhha nahi hai to bhai jahan jana hai vahan ja…… No issues….

    Enjoy ur outings… But a humble req…. dont BUG ME…OK…

    Me: think twice dude b4 u use d wrd gay 4 me.. asking u 4 a movie or lunch doesnt make me gay, and i did go to movie after dis mail wid my friends, i ws jus saying n joking dude, ders nthing gay in my mail..OK

    His reply: good for u then…

    Me: one thing ill regret is going to ahmedabad wid u

    i got used by a selfish n shrewd person but god is watching

    This was a terrible shock to me, and he stopped talking to me and avoiding me since then.

    Mam since then I just keep remembering these words and I get cold , and shivering.

    Even though I have shifted to Panipat but still as i wake up in morning, I start my day with the shock that people kick and dump you so abruptly when you get useless for them.

    When I have a look at his facebook profile, and see his other friends liking his pics, and enjoying chats, i go in a mental trauma.

    With each day, I cant forget this incident and the fact he stabbed me, and I do not remain happy anymore.

    Please help me how to forget him and this incident, I always happen to see his profile and then these mails and then I get deeply depressed.

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