please help me from getting in depression

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    Hi prachi ..
    Iam 27 yr old married to 33 yrs old man. I and my husband were married last year 2013 in may .we both live in pune. Mine is a arrange marrige we both love each other verry much but problem started after marrige just after a month. It was my birthday my husband wanted me to buy some expensive dress i objected on ground that i hav lot of dress and its a waste of money on that day he shouted on me a lot saying that iam a miser. From that day onwards he always use to tont me like that in front of any family member whenever they come in our house. I tolrated this
    After 2 month i got pregnant and in 5th month i had miscarige . For that he use to blame me in every fight that i use to walk fast and some supertious thing told by his mother. I tolrated this also
    At time of marrige he told me that he dint smoke and drink but he does so which i found after marrige but i accepted this also
    Whenevr i ask him to save money he blast on me..and we fight a lot on issues which we both dont eveb remember.
    One day he went to bar with his frnds i called him he said he vll come 2 hrs late i was so annoyed dat he dint even have courtsey to imform me i banged the phone and went on terrace of society to cool myself when he came and saw me there he started shouting saying iam doing this becoz he spent money today. He shouted on me abused me and slaped me when i started arguing he slapped me more .i cant control my anger n i started shouted he hit me more badly with leg. After 2 days everything got normal again…
    Such type of incident had happend a lot almost every month.
    He always compare me with his friends wife. Relatives etc he says that iam a fool and dont have brain and no girls quality.
    In fight he use to abuse my parrents also but i say nothing
    One day i just said that he us like his father and elder brother who dominate their wife on this he started shouting in bedroom dat iam insulting his family he slapped me again then full day he dint talk and on dat day one relative was also there
    Everytime whenever we had a fight he sleep in another room.
    Always it is me who will go for patch up becoz i want to save my marrige.

    But he love me alot whatever i vll say he vll buy it being it a gold or dress or whatever..
    He cares for me alot i was going to my mother place i asked him to book train ticket but he booked flight ticket forcefully

    Iam so confussed i dont kniw what shoul i do i have talk to him but he blames me only i cabt tell my parrents my mother is a BP patient
    Plzz help me [/b]

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