pl;ease help me its about someone’s life

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    hello everyone i’m new here. so first of all i wanna tell this problem is related to my elder sister.Its lyk a fricking suffering since her birth… her fathr never wanted her but her mom was tough…her father never celbrated her birthday but she never complained..she pretend to b hppy in her brothers bdy but inside she cried a thousand river ..she kept thinking wat was her fault??.Her father never bought her any gift or dress…she ws so sad ,fool n depress…but as she grew up with all this shit she devlopd habbit of alcohol n drug…but did i mentioned a boy tried to molestate her wen she ws a kid…what was her fault…that she was a girl.she got drugs n alcohol no frnds no love…alone she sufferd this shit…but she never gave up…she topped my school n colj jus to get her dads attntn but wat a fool he never cared for her…every night she cried hoping n prayed to die..she even tried to twice but she failed…may b she got more to suffer.

    she is doing job living alone. now but she is now become a drug addictor. her 30% lever is already damage. i suggested her some way to stay healthy, but that’s not gonna to make anything. she need someone to be with her, to take care of her.but i m too far of her.and there nobody else so plz tell me what to do

    she dont care about her life, she says she dont want to live longer. but i think that she is wrong.she’s going wrong way. plz tellme what should i tell her.



    Your sister is mentally depressed because she thinks there is no one to take care of her in her life. So you has to realise her that you many are there to take care of her. Just took her to any other place where she can feel calm and aware of the bad things that she has.

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