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    Hi..I have a problem with socializing..I am a very soft-spoken person..And I look good too..And I m 18..I go to a church which is really good and I found some new friends there including boys..But these boys have been acting so weird from the 1 st time i talked to them..They want me to reply to each and every msg in facebook….And if I dont,they get really angry and I m not the ‘I dont care” type of person..And the reason why I dont reply to them is that I am being stalked by a person who is obsessed with me..He’s been chasing me for 2 years and he’s been asking ppl for their facebook passwords so that he can talk to me with that account…So I m scared that these boys might be helping him…I badly want to deactivate my facebook account..But I need some friends too!! And because of that stalker,I ve unfriended many of my school friends and now,they think I m the proud kind of girl…I tried telling my brother this problem but he asked me to ignore it…And I cant tell my parents because if I did,they wont allow me to do anything on my own…I m so desperate to have someone to talk to..Please help me :'(

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