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    Hi Prachi,
    When I was in college I wanted to attract a girl and be in a relationship like many other guys want to do. I lack a sense of humor and don’t know where to talk and what to talk? My presence doesn’t make people happy. I have always tried to attract people but I am not able to since I don’t know to talk. After struggling a lot I got a girlfriend till 2 years it was good. She was staying in Chennai with me. Suddenly she started telling me that she wants to go to Delhi forever, which was unbearable for me. I gave her too much importance and I had no friends then. I told her not to leave me and go, but tough she went. After that we had many problems including trust issues and finally we broke up badly.

    My problem is when I see other guys; I feel I haven’t enjoyed my life. I have always been a good guy and genuinely loved people. May be I was less sticky to them. I didn’t force them to be with me, but I can’t bear the loneliness. Finally when she left me I am very lonely. i almost lost my confidence. Many people have cheated and used me. I seriously feel bad that they use my goodness for their benefit. I also want to live like other people have fun roam out speak to people and enjoy my life. I have got a fear, i feel so lonely every day. Nobody calls me, nobody interested to talk to me, this is affecting my work and my life. Sometimes I feel why am I living sometimes I feel I should leave everyone and die. While riding vehicle I feel I am a dead piece of meat no feelings nothing, I feel very lonely. I can’t live like this. My parents want me to get married in a year. I always heard that this guy is good he is charming he is intelligent I get very jealous I die inside. It has gone to an extent that nobody wants to talk to me. I cry daily once and get angry I fear I will become mad someday because of this. Sometimes in loneliness and hatred I pull my hair sit alone at one place. I feel like my dead nothing but a alive piece of dead bodies. I am scared to live, to talk to people, I have become very negative. I have lost it please help me and let me know how can I change this and make people like me, enjoy with me and be friends. I want to causaly talk to them too.

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