please help me to get her back in my life

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    hii, I am 21 years old, i need help to get my love back in my life, actually my story starts before 4 years i meet her on social media site, our friendship is not too long coz just after 7 days i proposed her on her birthday 1st time she said no but same day she accept my proposal, after some month we are to passionate about our relation and we love each other very much, we enjoying our relation to much, after some months we decided to break our friends or closed all social media accounts for improve our relation and we do the same, now in our life just she and me and our family no any friends boys and girls, in 4 years she done anything for me give me anything that want, actually the biggest problem in us that she is well educated and i drop my studies before 3 years for making money by business, i start my business but before 6 months business gone a loss and i closed my business, she always support me even in my loss also, but her family members are always asking about me but i am not educated and my business is closed so she was in big worry about our relation, before 1 month she broke up because of some miss understanding between my mother and her, and because of tens and frustration about business and all i also heart her to much, same day she goes her village and our contact was break for 10 days b’coz of network problem, i realized my mistakes but i cant contact her to say sorry, she is innocent but to angry and tenacious girl, we were not in contact for 15 days that time she got new friend to talk with her so she were never alone in that time but that time she had habit to live without me, after she come back in town i am tried to convinced her from 15 days but she ignoring me, i cleared all miss understanding to her by text but now she is saying that i cant love anyone now, i am not interested in you now, i accept my mistakes and solved all problems i decided to complete my education i take admission in university and doing job also. she is not given me reply of my text and not receiving my calls i know she love me truly but her anger is always disturb her mind, and in 15 days i really over react to convened her like, suicide, emotional blackmailing, i asked her friend and relatives help to solved issue between us but she gates more angry on my this behavior, i know i crossed my limits but its only for saving my love because i cant live without her and she also she told me now i cant love any person, in our 4 year relation we fight to many times and we broke our relations also but its just for some time (2-3 days) but now its before a month she broke up………… please help me what can i do now ? and how can i convened her ? she saying that i dnt love u now, really the real love will be end because of miss understanding in one day ? please help me i really lover her i want my love back…………



    Don’t worry my friend. If she is not giving importance to you then it is OK. She is just a girl not GOD. Why you are too much worried? Please give focus to your studies and try to be self dependent.

    Have you taken birth to marry her? Do you have responsibility for your parents or not? Do you have self respect and your own identity or not? She told you to keep distance with your friend you did that. In future she will say to make distance with your parents then will you do that?

    You have already told sorry to her, if she still not ready to forgive your words and behavior then what you will do?

    Stop crying like a kid. Be a man and forget that girl and start building your stable future. She does not deserve your love. I am sure that in future you will definitely get a good girl.



    Have patience…stop contacts

    If she is urs…she will be back
    if she doesnt…try emphasize ur career nd studies

    good luck

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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