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    HI i am having pre-menstrual depression. I have on and off mild depression too. But the time around period is horrible. i feel terribly low, can’t think, scared, and easily hurt by people. Can’t fight hurting words of people. i am 44 and have hypo thyroid too, taking medicine for it and depression too. but all these dnt help. i am divorced and have a child. staying with an unsympathetic mother. what to do?



    Dear Tigress,

    Pre menstrual period is a time of huge hormonal changes. Combined with your hypo-thyroid, it can aggravate your symptoms as well result in a persistent feeling of depression.There are a few things you can do to minimisse the effect or hormonal changes during periods:

    1. Keep your thyroid in check. Be very regular with your medicines and get yourself tested every 6 months.

    2. Start taking iron supplements with your doctor’s advice. Almost 70% or Indian women are anemic and anemia aggravates period symptoms.

    3.Reduce your salt intake about a week before your period date.

    4. Start going for walks for at least 30 minutes. It will release positive endorphins in your body which will not only lift your mood, it will also help to correct the hormonal imbalance.

    5. During periods when you experience depression and irritability, tell yourself repeatedly that this is not you. It’s biological and it will pass in 2 days. The more you think about depressive feelings, the more they will rule over you. Take a deep breath and say “these are just thoughts. I can have any kind of thoughts. Thoughts are not permanent. They come and go.” If you think about your feelings and thoughts like this, you will be able to reduce their intensity.

    Lastly, I would say, conquer your illness with psychological strength. You are much bigger and stronger than your illness. Don’t let it master you. YOU be the master of your own body.

    If you would like more long term psychological help and management, feel free to contact me for regular session on [email protected].

    All the best!



    Hi Tigress ,

    I can understand how it feels to fight mood swings before your mensuration cycle and depression caused by Hypothyroidism.

    Well, since you are already aware of what you will go through every month , why dont you prepare yourself for it. Its like when you know its going to rain , you keep your raincoats umbrella ready , finish off your outside household task etc and prepare yourself to ENJOYYY the rains ..same way instead of seeing it as negative trait..try to prepare yourself to fight it out and ENJOY it !!!!! difficult , yeah…..impossible..nooo !

    Make a list of some very lively peppy music which both you and your child can enjoy, put it on while you are doing your household chores.

    If you like cooking start thinking of a probably new dish that you will try.

    If you have been planning to buy something , buy it this time.

    Start planning for probably a trip , or outings which you will want to take after your periods.

    Do some beauty treatment at home, home remedies for hairloss , weightloss etc etc. You will find many beauty treatment websites.

    Think of things to do with your child and your mother…and ofcourse if you still feel low feel free to crib and blame it on your biological cycle but do not let it spoil your mood.

    For Hypothyroidism , do not skip your medicines , take very good care of your diet ( thats important ) , exercise regularly and lead a very healthy life . physically and mentally. Be happy 🙂 and dont let it bring you down !!

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