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    I am a man of 34 years ,married and having two sons first one is of 10 yrs and the second one is of 3 years.i am suffering from depression from past 5 years. I live with my parents.i am running wholesale medicine shop with my father. But in shop every decision is made by my father. As he has stand up this business he thinks that i cannot run this business. Because of this i am losing interest in business and get family doesn’t takes my depression problem seriously but i have to suffer in this.i am taking ayurvedic medicines from last one year previosly inwas taking alopathic medicines. I need help cos these days inget self destructing thoughts.i hope you will help me


    ruchika gupta

    sir I m not so mature but have seen lot many people facing problems like the one you have…I sincerely suggest you to involve yourself in business and prove that you have a best businessman hiding inside you….there is nothing to be so depressed… will surely succeed if you’ll try….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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