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    :huh::@ hello… i really need ur help! The story is like..
    PROBLEM1– i m a 12th grade student and my result is gonna be real BAD n therefore i m worried abt my life n career. The reason of my bad grades is my family n frend circle (atleast i feel that way)

    PROBLEM2– my mom n dad r living separately for the last 7 years n my dad dsnt care abt us at all! he is harassing us alot, we had also filed a case against him at the court and aftr fighting for 6 years straight we lost the battle! he menupulated evrybody.. n bribed evrybody.

    PRBLM3– :( i hav a boyfriend. we r sooo vry damn serious about eachother. n i hav the habit of sharing evrything wid my mom so i told her abt him. she was normal then but suddenly i dont know y but she behaves weird. threatens me not to meet him.. infact evryone in my family r against it n say that this is not the right time n we should continue only if he gets a good job, nw tey hav taken my cell n i m being tortured like hell

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