plz help me. suggest me what should i do. i am getting very much messed up

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    I am a bengali girl working in an IT company in WB. I have a very troubled past relationships history. May be because i am bit immature mentally.

    Coming to my problem. There’s a guy (say X) in my life. He stays in another country. His hometown and my house are in same place. He comes to his home twice/ thrice in a year and thats when we meet. I knew him from school and he has been in and out of my life till now.

    I first started talking to him in fb after 5 yrs of leaving school.At that time i was coping with a break up with my first boyfriend and i was desperately seeking my career and he was setting down in his first job. We used to talk regularly over phone and fb. He was serious about me then but i was not. After taking for 4-5 months he suddenly stopped talking to me. May be he felt neglected as i was concentrating on my career more and was ignoring him. I too didn’t contacted him.

    After i found a job i met with another guy(say Y) and jumped into a relationship with him( which was a BIG mistake of my life ). This relationship continued for 8 months and was not going well.Also a lot of family problems were there.

    I decided to break up with Y. At that time mr X contacted with me again and was showing love indications to me. But i again tried to avoid him.After the bad relation i felt a great relief on talking with X and realized that it was a big mistake from my side leaving X and jumping to a relationship with Y.

    From then i and X again started chatting and talking regularly.and this time i really felt very good and took X very seriously. I told him about my first bf. Told him that i was not a virgin. But what i hid is that i had sex with Y also. In the mean time i broke up with Y and on the verge on anger Y contacted X and revealed thar truth in a very very bad way. This spoilt all d feelings from X’s heart for me.He still now messages X and is trying to spoil the remaining feelings of X for me.Even now Y sends messages to X and is trying to spoil the remaining feelings from X’s heart for me.

    I want to rekindle the lost love. I want X back. Whaf should i do. ? I expressed my love to him but he don’t want to keep a long term relationship with me. We also had physical relation . but still X want to keep this relationship casual and is not considering marriage. What should i do? Please help.

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