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    I am working in Multi-National company after finishing my under graduation. From my young age, I am feeling alone and depressed. Some times, I tried to overcome those feelings. once I got job, I felt confident. After marriage, initially my husband wont even speak with me in front my in-laws and my mother-in-law take to much advantage with my husband like she will always keep him with her and he always supports his mother and never taken me any where outside. But I am possessive with my husband so that I can’t even tolerate if someone takes advantage with him. I am unable to control anger and I am showing anger to all who are near to me especially to my husband. Because of this, we had several fight. Some time, I am trying to speak with my in-laws nicely, but even if my in-law touches my husband I am getting anger again. My husband blames me. I know I am doing on thing wrong but I don’t know how to control those feelings. plz help.

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