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    Dear Prachi,
    Hi Im a 25yr old,Female completed my graduation.Whn I ws in my first year f graduation,I ws befriended by a boy who is nw my husband..
    I cme frm a v gud family,was a protected child n recieved lots f love n care during my time with my parents.I ws d topper f my school n college,n on merit I got my graduation seat wit a gud rank and a scholarship..I ws dis nerdy studious girl,who dnt get 2 interact with boys.

    It ws in my first year f graduation course,around 17yrs dat I met him,he was my senior.I ws initially jst was like any other friend n also the fact is dat he is frm other religion.Initially we met as jst friends bt later he started becoming possessive abt me,angry if i dnt agree wit him on meetn him.Nad one day he said he loves me..I said lets nt hurry up anything..he cntinued 2 bcme more possesive n slowly started cntrolln my life..It ws the first time I was satyn in a hostel,away frm my parents.I ws afraid cos he hd spread rumors abt me being his GF.N one day unfortunately v had a v bad accident on the bike n near my father 2 save him frm goin 2 prison I said dat I luv him so I went wit him..

    frm dat moment on it spread like wild fire in d campus,my friends left me cos dey were afraid f him,I stopped talkn 2 my parents.Ws totally in control f him.He became physical wit me,n I cudnt say anythn..
    den he started havn sme troubles in his house n he started hitting me badly whn v met..If I refused to meet him he wud threaten 2 cme 2 hostel n do smethn bad..

    I was totally alone,no one 2 reach out to and talk..n I cnvinced myself dat yes Ill b wit him n luv him..mayb he’ll change cos smetimes he wud cry infront f me sayn he luves me alot n dat its dat luv wch is makn me do all dis..

    I endured all thru..attempted suicide 2-3 times..went down in my academics..whn his torture became unbearable I stopped talkn to him 4 a while to clear my head abt dis relation whn he came 2 girls hostel n it became a big issue on TV…

    he begged,cried n said He luves me,dat his career wud be gone..dat if I say 2 evry1 dat I luv him n dat he is gud I can save him n dat he’ll marry me..

    by den I hd tld myself dat der is no way out f dis I agreed tld d media dat I luv him,dat he is a gud man..After dis v gt married n showed dem dat v r in love..

    bt his physical abuse dnt stop..I cmpleted my graduation…tuk up a job…
    hd 2 prepare 4 PG,bt as we dnt ve enough..he beat me n said he’ll get d PG seat aftr wch I can try till den I shud work..

    dat I did,n he gt d PG seat n v shifted 2 another city..Bt aftr cmn 2 d city he is eyeing on other females,flirtn wit dem…due all dis tension watevr I read is nt havn any effect n Im nt able 2 crack a PG seat..

    he is cnstantly sayn dat Im useless 2 him nw cos I dnt earn,he is wit another girl n whn I confronted him he beat me up badly..

    plz help me,I ve lost my self smehwere,in all dis he dnt lose anythn bt I lost evrythn,my career,self-esteem,self-confidence..I dnt knw how cope wit dis situation n get myself out…

    Im afraid f ppl,men especially,Im afraid f him,lost trust on evryone..have suicidal thots..

    plz help



    I’m so sad to listen your situation. If you are confident that he never change his attitude, just apply for divorce…its my suggestion



    pls help me. I feel like I am going somewhere in my mind. I cant sleep properly. I just don’t know exactly what is happening to me. I just know I am in a pain and I am fed of this. sometimes I feel like I am flying but my body I still. I am not getting any way out of this.



    Hi sona i’m ur frd so ur problem is ordinary youth problem that is Love. So tell me how it’s happened and with whom ? Then i will tell u the suggestion for that…:)

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