plzz help!!i think i have cyclomythia..

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    I m 15 living in india and i seriously cannot talk to anyone.
    I guess i have cyclothymia. Each morning and afternoon when i m around some friends in school,i tend to be an attention seeker..i turn out to be irritable,irritating all my friends and teachers(i try not to but i just cnt control).At some parts i even feel overconfident but then it always leads to personal dissappointment(ppl yelling at me). Everyday after school i feel lonely and sad.I tend to irritate my parents and my sisters a lot. At night i feel too depressed. I try to be happy by sharing questions like this on yahoo probably looking for sme answers.At home where i have no social life whatsoever i feel uninspired non motivated and lack self confidence.
    I tend to be a person looking for fast results.I easily get obsessed with useless things and then my obsession breaks very fast.I easily getting bored of things ,ppl very fast. I cannot concentrate on my studies anymore because of this.i play video games for long periods of time so as to involve myself in something but it always make me sad.I am compulsive overeater.I cannot control my thoughts at all.Sometimes i think of my parents dying and me being happy abt it.
    I cant even sleep at night.Every night i just keep doubting myself, like i m ri8 now.i just keep blaming myself for my condition i.e. i have no self confidence,bad conversation skills etc.
    i have also given a test for depression and the results are
    major depression moderate
    dysthymia slight
    bipolar high
    cyclothymia extremely high
    seasonal affective disorder high
    postpartum depression NA
    this condition may also be related to my past. About 2 years ago i had no friends and i even tried to kill myself but somehow my sister saved my from jumping.i was in serious depression but i got out of it very easily.I guess so.
    I just wanna be a happy studious guy.
    If u think i have cyclothymia please help me cure it all by myself.

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