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    Dear madam,

    Iam srinidhi from india.I would like to take an advice from you regarding my marriage life.I got married to a guy 7 months before and its an arrange marriage.Before marriage am a girl who is not exposed to the world in the matters of human relations,love,lust etc.

    I hope to get a partner with no affairs at all.But unfortnately my husband have many.This i came to know after marriage which disturbed me alot. I dont have any problem with all the girls he loved before because all of them got married and sometimes they used to talk to him,But i have a problem with one of them who is not married yet.

    Actually both of them loved very much but due to differences with their families they didn’t got married.In India we respect parents and we will go according to their opinion to a large extent.But even then my husband asked to the girl to come out of the family for him,but she didn’t.So at last he married me as per his parents wish.

    But right from my marriage am observing that he is keep on chatting,messaging and talking to her in phone for hours and even she is doing the same.Both of them still loving each other.this is the point where am getting disturbed alot.If they were that much involved in love and cant leave each other then why should he marry me?why both of them disturbed my life?why they were still disturbing my life?i don’t have answers to these questions madam.

    Now am pregnant.He likes me but he loves her.He says that he can’t hurt both of us.My husband’s lover knows that am pregnant but still she ask him to marry her.Before itself she didn’t came out from family to marry him,but i don’t know why she is ready to do it so now.

    My husband says that be patient,god decides.But am worrying about my future.I don’t want to give pain to my parents .If my marriage life was broken with divorce they can’t tolerate.Iam educated and i can stand on my legs but am not ready to take divorce for anyone.

    How should i change my husband ? How should i change my husband’s lover?what should i do mam?Because of these things am not able to concentrate on my competitive exams..give me an advice mam..pls help me.



    If you believe that your husband is loving you and will love you till the end of life, then fight with him. Don’t ask him to give dialogues like both of you are important to him and god will decide etc etc..

    If you don’t have belief on him, then better come out. He is not fit for your love on him. Use your education, knowledge stand on your legs and take care of your child (boy or girl)

    Also understand his wish and desire. If his desire is to live with that girl, then leave him, By controlling him or threatening him love cannot be created. If love created on him, it will not real and not last.

    That’s it.

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