Pregnancy fears

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    I am about 5 months pregnant.
    3 years ago, I lost my Mom. And ever since I grew up, knew that one day I could have my own kids, I’ve been dreaming for a baby girl.
    Now, my problem is, secretly, I feel that its My Mom coming back to me as my child. I keep taking child gender predictor quiz, try to find out if am having a girl or a boy.
    I understand that I couldnt have chosen the sex of the baby, its destined.
    My fear is not that I may have a baby boy. Instead, because the desire for the baby girl is so strong, I am afraid that I might not get disappointed if its a boy. Because, be it a girl or a boy, its going to be mine. My own kid. I do not want my smile to fade even for a split second. I dont want to be biased.
    I dont know how to get this thought off my mind. Its driving me crazy. I feel I am betraying my child, who is yet to come in this world.
    Any advise is appreciated.

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