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    hello sir/madam,
    myself shivani. i am 23 and taking education from correspondence. i am in relationship with my boyfriend for last two years. i recently found out that i am pregnant for 2.5 months. its a crucial time for me. my father passed away in an accident 11 yrs back. my mother is the sole bread and butter earner for us. my elder sisiter is doing phd from a very reputed institute of india. whole community and society is against us as our mother stood for us in this orthodox society where everyone wanted to get us married soon as we finished with our basic education. as my boyfriend knows the struggle my mother is doing for us he is not in favour of having the child as it can bring serious emotinal setback to my mother and our families. he is very loving and supportive. he is my only support right now and he is acting very responsibly too. but he also have right to give me his opinions and choices as this is his baby too. he belongs from different religious community. he is a business person and earning quite well. he established all his work by himself and have struggled alot.
    somewhere i want to have my baby and dont want to get aborted.
    its a choice between my mother and my baby.
    i am career oriented but right now my focus is my baby and its the toughest choice i ever had in my life. choice is between my previous generation and my next generation!!
    help me!!

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